Portable Cubicle Beds

Europe’s only cubicle bed system where the cubicle or cubicle post is fully removable from the bed.

 Portable Cubicle BedsKey Features:
• Available sizes: Single cow bed 7’, 7’.6", & 8’ x 3’9” x 8” heel
• Calf & heifer beds also available
• Instant cubicle beds/ready to use
• Ease of assembly
• Entry for lifting from all sides
• Correct height of heelstone and built in slope
• Durable/Reusable bed
• Easily stored like pallets when not in use
• Massive labour/cost savings
• Suitable for existing, new, flat or slatted houses
• No chemical anchors or compounds needed
• Fully removable cubicle/post
• Patent No's GB 2392366 / GB 2449545 / IE 84550 / EP 1994820

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Portable Cubicle BedsPortable Cubicle Beds

Portable Cubicle Beds Portable Cubicle Beds